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estimated ‘80s

Tigers eye and sterling silver earrings

The Italian Talisman amulet aka Italian Horn aka Cornicello can be traced back to ancient times. Worn to protect against the evil eye or bad luck in general. Widely recognized as a lucky charm, symbol of good luck, protection, and prosperity, and it is often given as a gift to newborns or to loved ones in need of extra protection.


  • For pieces longevity keep away from harsh chemicals or submerging in water, polish with microfiber or jewelry cloth, and singularly store in pouch, box, or organizer.

  • Pieces collected may show minor blemishes. Being primitive, antique, or vintage, this should be viewed as added character to its heritage. Major imperfections or defects will be noted. Purchases are final.

    Shipping is exclusively offered in The United States, Canada, and Hawaii as an intention to lessen our environmental footprint.

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