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Gives + Receives is a complimentary conscious circulation project hosted by Jade, @hiinoon. After yearning for connection irl in a manner that isn’t dependent on capitalistic consumerism, it felt natural to bring this project to life - clothing and goods swap pop-ups, around Central Florida, centered around sustainability, inclusivity, + acts of service.

Circular flow is one of the highest forms of sustainability. As stewards of this beautiful Earth, together we can alter our habits and others views around consumption, keep resources from being wasted and from polluting fellow countries (where tons upon tons of our donated clothing will end up if not in our own landfills).

Gives + Receives is the only space in our community providing free gently loved clothes or goods provided by our members to anyone and everyone.

See you irl as we swap (receive) + give back to our community!

swap date tba

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