HOW IT CAME TO BE because it always has been


DISCLAIMER: To be completely honest writing is not my strong suit, though, I have a lot to say. I will most likely be extremely indecisive if this letter will be poetic and minimal or will it be an authentic stream of consciousness. I am hoping my narcissism takes a back seat to the latter. Decided. To be real here (and imperfect), I am not going to edit this article. My grammar police out there, sorry in advance.

I’m thinking we’ll start with some light on my personal life and how hii noon was birthed, then we’ll get into my intention with this project and how much it truly means to me. Expect long over run sentences (:

Originally I am from South Florida, living many places from the equestrian areas to right on the beach. I didn't travel much growing up. Florida seemed to have everything anyone could ever desire which has been a shattering reality for me recently with wanting more seclusion and possibly away from the salt and sun I have bleached my life with, figuratively and literally (we’ll maybe get into that whole life philosophy down the road).

Growing up my mother was able to stay at home and raise me, my brother, and sister. With this came finanical sacrifices on my parents part and my own introduction into thrifting and be resourceful with altering second hand items to fit in with our environment and clothes. I’m extremely grateful that although we were not able to travel or go live lives like many of my Jupiter or Palm Beach friends did my mother kept us so busy and involved with activities and beach exploration that I never felt without. We had regular consignment and thrift shops we’d visit. Walking into those stores felt like such treat and even at a young age once I was in the store it felt like that’s where I had a connection to something deep in me yet also outside of me - A collective? A person? Realizing that now its sort of sweet and sentimental like I knew all along I’d share the distant unknown stories behind primitive items and vintage pieces through hii noon. It was really a special feeling for me as a child sifting through old baskets and boxes. I can’t exactly explain how it felt, except for maybe a feeling when someone you love passes and you smell their sweat shirt. I FELT when I arrived at these shops and found little treasures that had been overlooked, passed along, thrown out, etc. It really hasn’t changed for me since then. I get the same feelings going to people homes for the estate sales or side of the road, hole in the wall thrift shops - those are the best!

Thrifting in middle and high school was almost competitive for a few of us - or maybe it was just me? It was fun to see who could get the weirdest (coolest) old school t-shirts and pair them with dickies or cut off denim mini skirts and converses. When I secured my first apartment my mother and aunt helped me furnish it entirely of second hand thrifted items. I had the most badass ‘60s wingback sage chairs and red chandelier that I am STILL mad at myself for letting go. Today thrifting and finding second hand items is a little different. It’s WAY more selective. Keep a list of what we’re looking for, I just put it out into the universe my vision and am never surprised, but always humbled, when the vintage gods manifest those visions into physical pieces. Forever reminded our thoughts turn into things.

Fast forward to about 2013. I was.. say.. 23? I was just beginning to see signs of my true entrepreneurial spirit. There were a bunch of ideas that never made it any where further than research and play. First was the idea that a friend and I were going to be t-shirt designers with mostly witty one liners or super original drawings of the evil eye… ha. That was fun until we realized we needed lots of money to not only buy the t-shirts upfront, but then…. What to do with them? This was when Instagram was just really blossoming and we hadn’t thought of business on insta yet! Damn. Could have made it big with that evil eye. Joking. Then there was the idea I was going to make an all natural skin care line and sell it locally. Looking back that actually was feasible at the time if I had only believed in myself and channeled my determination for there to always be a way.

In any event that didn’t go anywhere either. To be very honest this was the lowest point of my life that I was finally beginning to come out of it. And although I was "waking up" on myself, had just discovered meditation, and working on getting out of an abusive relationship I still didn’t have the strength to see in myself my ability to be and do so much more than I thought I was at the time. Don’t sweat it, I’ve worked through that (some on my own, some with the help of therapy) and have left ALL that behind me. From those experiences I believe WHOLE HEARTEDLY in the power of women and the power of self. I learned that I was my own god, my own creator, and moved right along.

My mid life existential crisis came when I was about 27. I had just bought a house with the best, funniest, caring man I have ever met, and though I was experiencing the purest love and joy, I was seeing so many of my friends living their true selves outside of “office jobs”. Which I had convinced myself was the definition of success. An office job, with benefits, yada yada yada. I couldn’t help but to see a few of my friends actually making their talents their success. I was mind blown, inspired, and confused as fuck as to what possibly my talents and abilities were. I started grabbing at whatever again. My friend Leigh and I were going to start a design and social marketing team, but that didn’t stick. Then I had an ah ha! moment remembering when I was younger how I played, knotted, and made hemp necklaces, bracelets, anklets, hair wraps, key chain charms, etc. I figured I could use my natural ability and muscle memory to begin making fiber wall art and plant hangings. That did okay actually, but my passion behind it quickly dissipated once I reached the goal of actually making and selling.

I wish I knew exactly the moment I had when I realized I maybe didn’t have a “talent”, but perhaps my talent was in the vision, sourcing, styling, of thrifted vintage. Isn’t that just typical - something that is so natural for me, of course I wouldn’t have an “exact moment” because it’s been my truth and way of life for literally ever. I believe that what made me realize that I could make my passion of sourcing into an actual business was realizing that there were people like me with the same interests. Interested in the distant stories, searching out for one of a kind pieces, and appreciated the concept of using second hand, thrifted, vintage items before purchasing new as a conscious decision to lessen our impact, as a collective, to protect our mother (earth). I wish I could say how I overcame this and that to have finally been able to start hii noon as a source for natural high-style vintage, but it hasn’t been difficult. It’s been almost effortless (with the exception of website design - ugh!). I hope that rests with you in the same way it does me - being that parts of our life should be effortless, they should naturally ebb and flow, we should not need to force anything in our lives.

To believe that you have a higher self, also believe that your higher self will give you notes and feelings on what brings you peace / closer to yourself, and what brings you chaos and further away from your truth. This figuring of what will bring me peace or confusion has been a manifesto I’ve been living by the last couple years. I highly recommend marinating on that.

Okay without being dramatic hii noon has been a saving raft for me. I mean it! There was a while there I felt like I wasn’t ever going to find my niche and be destined for nuance office gossip the rest of my life. Being able to share my passion with you and it be received (lovingly) brings me such fulfillment that you just don’t get from people or experiences.

This letter was not meant to be this long, but I am weightless being able to share my story of how thrifting has existed in my life, to the dark times, to listening to our high selves. If you’ve actually read this far I am so grateful! On your next purchase use code “read it” for 30% off your order. Appreciate you. The journal portion of the site will evolve over time like much else. Next article I will include “why” vintage/thrifted/antique and my intentions for the brand as we grow.

I thank you for being here x